ANR Properties Tenant Screening

Credit History

Five or less negative accounts on your credit profile in the last 18 months.
No negative rent judgments in the last three years (unless paid in full and there have been no problems with residency since).
Bankruptcy is OK, as long as it has been discharged and credit has met the above two requirements since.

Work History

Provide a minimum of six months continuous work history.
Monthly gross salary (before taxes) must be at least three times the monthly rental amount.
Income and employment dates and amounts will be verified. We may ask for at least one month of payroll check stubs as verification of employment. We will also verify current employment by phone.

Rental History

No skips or evictions for the past three years will be accepted, whether verified by credit reports or by previous landlords.
Previous landlord(s) will be called. Tenants may be required to produce a minimum of three months of rent receipts or canceled checks.

Security Deposits

Deposits are required prior to move in. Tenants may be liable for any costs of repairs and/or cleaning that exceed the prepaid deposit amount. Deposit amounts will vary based on montly rent amount.